Physique : the form and development of the body

From conception, we are perfect creatures…unfolding in the womb all the way to our first step, we are given the keys to exquisite development and form.  Sadly, as time, stress, and daily habits interfere with us, the body is pulled inward and down.  With movement systems like Pilates and Gyrotonic®, there can be an unfolding- a coming up and out of that gravitational pull.  At Physique, it is our mission to help you unfold – to be your best.  We identify imbalances and improve your form.       

Offering authentic Pilates & the Gyrotonic®Gyrotonic® Sales Corp">® method, Physique offers you a wide array of choices on your path. Which is best for you? That all depends on your body’s history, your immediate goals, and your schedule. Each methodology can be catered to a beginner or novice, and it is recommended that you try more than one form of movement to diversify your regimen and expedite desired results.

Pilates is a very focused, linear system; clearly emphasizing the abdominals and upper thighs. It can be done on the mat (in a class format) or on specialized apparatus (in a semipirivate).

Gyrotonic®Gyrotonic® Sales Corp">® and Gyrokinesis®Gyrotonic® Sales Corp">® exercises are composed of flowing, spiraling motions, focused primarily on elongation of the spine and mobilization of the joints.

All three methodologies incorporate deep breathing techniques to cleanse and detoxify the blood. They all are widely known to encourage a stronger back, longer & leaner muscles, and an overall sense of well-being and grace.

Or, to discuss your options in greater detail, call Petie, at (845) 863-9663. She will help set you in the right direction and develop a schedule.

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