Gyrotonic® & Gyrokinesis®

Gyrotonic® Method

What if you could get the affects of a massage through your workout? That feeling of well-restedess, freedom in your joints, ease in your muscles and spine…
Now add to that a deep, strong core and you have The Gyrotonic Expansion System®.

Gyrotonic® exercises focus simultaneously on stretching the spine, expanding the breath, lengthening the limbs, and deepening the core. Created by Juliu Horvath initially as a rehabilitation practice for himself, Gyrotonic® exercise is also extremely healing, balancing, and feels natural to the body.

It is a breath of fresh air.

The movements share thematic spiraling, circular motions that follow one another fluidly – creating a comfortable rhythm for the joints to move within a natural range of motion.

The equipment utilizes weights and pulleys, while Gyrokinesis® mat class is done sans apparatus – your own body provides the resistance.

Like Pilates, it too uses few repetitions and has rhythymic flow – so you’re always moving. It too can be done by anyone as it is low impact and easily adjustable to your level and strength.

Gyrokinesis® Method

The mat version of Gyrotonic® exercise – no equipment is used – only the body’s own resistance; done seated, standing, and on mat.

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