A core strengthening, muscle lengthening, body balancing exercise method that pairs few repetitions with alignment-focused movements and coordinated breath.


Each exercise focuses not only on overall strength, but also on lengthening the body as a whole – giving joints traction and muscles elongation and tone. Deep and complete breathing patterns encourage an open, uplifted chest. Limbs feel longer. Day to day movement feels easier,


All of us have a dominant side -32 whether it’s that we’re a “righty” or70 “lefty” or perhaps you’ve suffered an injury or accident which caused an imbalance in your body. Pilates exercises are designed to address and correct these imbalances. We want you to feel upright and equal from left to right, from toe to crown. This includes footwork and everything above.


Pilates and physical therapy share many overlapping themes. It’s gentle enough to be done by someone recovering from surgery, post labor, or someone suffering from a chronic condition like arthritis, scoliosis, or just everyday back/muscle pain.
We hear people say all the time, “Oh, Im not strong enough to do that!” or “Pilates? That’s just for women.” Neither of which could be further form the truth. Pilates is truly for everyBODY. There’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom that hasn’t worked out in a years, or if you have a desk job that keeps you from exercising – or if you’re a power lifter who can’t touch your toes – or a young dancer working on your arabesque – or an eighty-year-old looking to feel more comfortable from day to day.

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