Hannah Johnson

Breath is life! I have a passion and a purpose to share the ability to live well and enjoy all the sweet moments life has to offer.  I can thank my mother for the values I have set for health and fitness.  After years of playing organized sports, dance, and spending many days at the gym, I was introduced to yoga at the age of 16.  In my first class, I experienced a shift in my mental awareness…my breath was the catalyst for this shift.

I developed a strong yoga practice and two years later was introduced to Pilates.  Once again, the mind-body connection was so apparent…breath, the key to my awareness.

In 2014, I completed my first Hatha Yoga teacher Training, and I’ve been teaching ever since,  I went on to complete several trainings in yoga, meditation, and mindset coaching.  in 2019, i received my first Mat Pilates Certification through Equinox.

I believe movement should be accessible to ALL of us, and if we are able bodied, it is an incredible resource that we have- to be able to lie well for our ENTIRE lives.

As a yoga, Pilates, and fitness instructor, my int3ention is to give the gift of body awareness, connection through through breath, and feeling grounded in the present moment.  I look forward to sharing breath, movement, and positive energy with you!

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