Petie Russo-Caratelli

Petie Russo


  • Certified Romana’s® Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Gyrotonic® Levels 1 & II Instructor
  • Certified Gyrokinesis® Instructor
  • Authorized Pretrainer Gyrotonic®

Teaching allows me to connect two of my passions – exploring movement systems and sharing my knowledge with others.The development of the body and helping others in that endeavor is fascinating and fulfilling to me.  In a time where the sacred can be harder and harder to find, our bodies are truly our temple,  our one true companion through this life.

Beginning with Pilates,  I trained under Romana Kryzanowska from 2002-2004.  One of Joseph Pilates’ proteges, Romana was handed the keys to his legacy.  Apprenticing under her taught me invaluable lessons – many of her words echoing directly from Joe himself.  I became very close with Romana and was honored to be featured in one of her DVD’s, ”Intermediate Mat Workout”.  From there, I opened my own studio in Kingston, NY in 2004, and have been teaching ever since.

I began teaching the Gyrotonic® Method in 2008, Gyrokinesis® in 2010, and became certified on the specialized equipment (Jump Stretch Board, Leg Extension Unit, Archway) throughout the years.  I have had the privilege and honor to work with Juliu Horvath and many Master Trainers in specialized workshops and certifications.

I am regularly enrolled in continuing education, auxiliary certifications, and workshops in my field, including an active interest in the work of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains®, The Franklin Method®, Liz Koch and her extensive work with the psoas, biomachanist Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement®,  Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up®, and many others.  The ocean of the body world is deep and vast – I don’t limit myself to any one school of thought, and I intend to keep growing in my own understanding of it.

My specific interest rests in opening up the internal world of your body to YOU – helping you develop a deeper understanding of the workings and potential within.  I think more important than so-called “fitness” is being comfortable enough in your body to ENJOY YOUR LIFE…to make the simple daily tasks like tying your shoes, bending over to pick something up, playing with your kids, getting up and down into your chair/car EASIER, and actually OPPORTUNITIES to build strength and resilience. It is my goal to help bring you to THAT place – where real strength and flexibility lie.

I’ve worked with people of all ages from young children to those in their 90’s, athletic, injured, those with scoliosis, pre and post natal, and post surgery clientele.  It’s very important to me that I take the best care of you and your needs and help you apply the work in your personal life.


Thanks, Petie

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