Mary Brodkin



  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Gyrotonic® Level 1 Instructor
  • Certified Garuda® Barre Instructor

I became involved with Pilates while attending SUNY New Paltz as an undergraduate.  soon after completing my degree, I began an apprenticeship program under Petie Russo’s tutelage.  It was during this period of focused study, observation, and supervised teaching that I discovered the subtle beauty of Pilates.

To stay connected to the discipline and as part of my apprenticeship, I worked with Pilates Instructor and fitness “guru”, Steve Giordano, focusing on the anatomy of movement.  Pilates is the connection between mind and body manifested through physical movement; my training with Giordano focused on the anatomical part of that relationship.

In 2010, a move up to Albany, NY put me in contact with Brian Hull at the ReCenter studio.  Our relationship soon became a collaborative one.  With his guidance, my understanding deepened.  I began to concentrate my work and private study on the inexorable connection between the systems within our bodies and movement.

My exposure to Gyrotonic Expansion System® came first as a client, followed by completing the initial certification program in 2015.  I spent the previous year as an apprentice, devoted to learning the intricacies and real heart of this movement system.  Gyrotonic® casts a net that allows the practitioner to draw on an array of movement systems – like yoga, ballet, swimming,  – while still connecting back to its core principles.  I am continually excited and surprised by the Gyrotonic® Method and am committed to understanding and expressing its layered and intelligent beauty in my teaching and practice.

Through continuing education, I have worked with amazing movement specialists, including Bob Liekens, a Pilates Master Trainer, Bill Hedburg of Shen Tao Studio NYC, and Cori Doetzer Gyrotonic®Master Trainer.  Their influence and vast reservoir of knowledge has fundamentally changed how I understand movement, as well as the instruction of others in movement.

I currently reside in the Hudson Valley and teach at Physique.  I am always intently focused on understanding movement and its relationship with our anatomy, while drawing inspiration from what I encounter in my daily life and other physical disciplines.

I have been instructing since 2009 and have worked with people of all levels – including pre-teen athletes, post-surgery recoverers, and expectant mothers

I look forward to helping you strengthen and understand your body!

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