Is Pilates just for women?

No!! It was created by a very strong, athletic man! Joseph Pilates practiced what he preached and taught other men looking to become more fit and proficient at their sport. It became popular amongst the dance community when George Balanchine began sending his dancers over to Joe – which perpetuated a a theme down to this day that Pilates is just for dancers or just for women…but nothing could be further from the truth!

Whether you are a weight lifter, golfer, tennis player, marathon runner, mountain climber, martial artist, or you work at a desk all day long…Pilates can help you gain the strength and flexibility needed to make you move with ease and just feel generally more comfortable in your own body.
Not to mention the fact that proper FORM and ALIGNMENT are important for both men and women, athlete or no.

There is a WEALTH of benefits to be gained by BOTH sexes.

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