Getting to the Core…

What holds you up against gravity?

At Physique, we start from the beginning – establishing a baseline for how you approach movement. What is your core? Contrary to popular belief it’s not your “abs” – it’s deeper!

How do you engage it?

Most of us are stabilizing from the wrong place and hence moving in a way that causes injury, tension, and fatigue. But when you find your core & learn how to move from there, there is no end to your physical development!

At Physique, you will not only learn how to move better, you will learn about your body – you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening inside every time you move.

Experience true strength & freedom in your body – starting at the core…

Our Studio

PHYSIQUE offers exceptional service and cutting edge methods for today’s fitness. The PHYSIQUE studio is re-imagined with modern sensibility and thoughtful design, at the epicenter of the beautiful Hudson Valley, in Kingston, New York.

PHYSIQUE creates a cozy, intimate setting for an energetic workout experience. You’ll find exactly what you need with well-appointed workout facilities, newest fitness equipment, and experienced instructors.

Our Instructors

Mary Brodkin

Mary Brodkin

Malvina Lorida

Malvina Lorida

Chris Black

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